9 PPC Strategies to Grow Sales and Profit in 2016

“Ever since I was little, I’d always dreamed of being the founder of a PPC agency,” said not one single person ever.

If you picked up the snide tone in my voice, you’re a true purveyor of sarcasm. I only have this polluted disposition for one reason: being in PPC in 2016 is bittersweet.

I’ve officially been in this PPC business for over 10 years and have seen the tides change. Super agencies have come and gone, the Adwords Interface has gone from Atari to XBOX360, and advertisers now spend so much money in PPC to make so little.

The Bitter Part – Advertisers are jaded from having hired 5 agencies in 7 years with hardly any results.

The Sweet Part – Once advertisers start making money again, my purpose in life is fulfilled. No sarcasm here; I promise.

The account evaluations of thousands of advertisers have come across my desk, most of them with the same 25-30 issues. And several of these are very fixable through some level of course correction. So I picked 9 of the most common problematic themes to discuss with you and turned them into profit generating strategies you can implement yourself.

These are the TOP 9 STRATEGIES that most advertisers are still NOT using in 2016. This is costing tens of thousands of advertisers to miss out on gains in sales and total net profit volume.

And by remedying this and by implementing these next strategies, advertisers gain back control of their account and will grow their paid search business beyond what they thought was possible in this matured era of online marketing.

The Top Strategies Revealed – One by One…

Strategy #1 – Do the Math of Profitability and Define a Target CPA (Revealed March 30th)

Strategy #2 – When You Find That Your Keywords or Ad Groups Have a High CPA, Do MORE THAN Simply Pause Them or Bid Them Down. Find Out WHY First. (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #3 – Increase Cost and Conversion Cost…Where it Makes Sense. (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #4 – Look at ROAS and Value per Converted Click (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #5 – Use Negative Keywords For Other Stuff Besides Eliminating Irrelevant Search Queries (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #6 – Manage Your Shopping Campaign or Feed Beyond Its Basic Performance (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #7 – Run Only PPC Campaigns That You Can Fully Allocate Budget For. (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #8 – Complete the Split Test (Release Date: TBD)

Strategy #9 – Look for Data Outside Your Adwords & BING Ads Accounts. (Release Date: TBD)

Bonus #1 – Investigate Remarketing and Audience Related Programs (Release Date: TBD)

Bonus #2 – Facebook Remarketing and Dynamic Product Ads (Release Date: TBD)