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About Keyword Search Pros Case Studies

These case studies have been created for the readership of Keyword Search Pros clients and prospects. They have been taken from real and active client studies. We are happy and proud to be able to share these with you here. In order maintain the privacy of our clients, we have left some campaigns details out including actual budgets, CPCs and, other account specifics from our case studies. We further ask that anyone reading this respect the privacy of our clients and do not attempt to contact them in any way. If you require references, we will be more than happy to assist in that department.


Elite Home Theater

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“We hit a plateau with our search marketing and Keyword Search Pros knew just how to get us growing again.”

Bobby Bala Owner of Elite HTS
Who they are:
  • Premium theater seating supplier
  • Custom home theater designer
  • Elite High-End Buying clientele
What they needed:
  • Increase the number of high quality leads
  • Drive (high-end buyers) quality leads on a worldwide scale
What they did:
  • Integrated search, mobile, and display campaigns
  • Created custom campaigns for key target markets
  • Continuously tested and improved ad copy and creatives
What they accomplished:
  • Quality leads increased 414%
  • Improved overall quality of leads
  • Reduced cost per lead by 54%

Golf Smith


“Local business adshave built on our overall great results from AdWordsby increasing ad exposure and promoting our individual stores.”

Dillon SmithPaid Search and Marketing Analyst for Golfsmith
Who they are:
  • Over 70 superstores across the US
  • Online storefront
  • Golf and tennis equipment and apparel
What they needed:
  • To promote local stores online
  • To build on the success of their Google AdWords campaign
What they did:
  • Added Google local business ads to their existing Google AdWords campaigns
  • Created local business ads for each of their 70+ storefronts
  • Promoted their store locations onGoogle Maps and
What they accomplished:
  • Increased overall AdWords impressions and clicks
  • Achieved over 6% click-through rates on their local business ads
  • Drove new customers to local stores while maintaining online conversions

Google Analytics Case Studies

By using Google local business ads to promote their 70+ store locations on Google Maps and Google, Golfsmith built on their search marketing success, driving more visits to their stores and more clicks on their website.

Aeria Games & Entertainment


“Hands down, sites like MySpace and YouTube have had a much higher conversion rate for us and at a lower cost per conversion than any other site we’ve been on.”

JT NquyenChief Marketing Officer, Aeria

The Gaming Community Site

Gaming community site Aeria Games derives over 35% of their conversions from image ads on MySpace and other social media sites in the Google content network. Started in late 2006, is not only a free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming site but also a community that connects both regular and casual gamers. In the past 2 years, Aeria Games has released five Free-to-Play MMO games and licensedthem for North America, including competitive racing game Project Torque, anime role-playing game Dream of Mirror, and fantasy game Shaiya, which was voted one of China’s most anticipated games in 2006 by Chinese gaming portal