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The Optimal Blend of Match Settings for Adwords

Posted onOctober 27th, 2011 byadmin

In a recent webinar we’ve been conducting, we talk about using an “optimal blend” of match settings in an Adwords account. There seems to be a bunch of confusion surrounding this topic because we receive frequent requests that we elaborate on the subject.

Some questions that come in are:

  • What match setting is the best?
  • What percentage of our match settings should be broad?
  • What match setting has the cheapest CPC?
  • Which match settings make the optimal blend?

All of these questions infer that we are really missing our mark when explaining the subject. What we are saying is there is no definitive best or worst, appropriate percentage, or optimal blend that works for every advertiser. There is only the optimal blend for each individual account. The only way to really understand what blend is optimal for you is to look deep into your account’s search queries. (more…)

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3 Ways to Lower Adwords Conversion Costs with Negative Keywords

Posted onMay 9th, 2011 byadmin

Most advertisers use negative keywords in the most limited fashion. Limitations occur both in the way advertisers retrieve their potential negative keywords, as well as where and how their negative keywords are executed. It’s very common to see advertisers try their luck guessing as to which negatives to use and it’s obvious those advertisers aren’t paying attention to which specific queries people ACTUALLY type into the Google search.

When you, as an advertiser, can discover not only which queries people actually make but also what keywords and ads they trigger, you can take back control over your account and learn how easily people convert under the proper settings.

Negative keywords have other purposes than to simply weed out irrelevant inquiries. Here are 3 simple ways you can increase conversions by using negative keywords. (more…)

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