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VP of Paid Search to Speak at SMX Seattle this Summer

Posted onApril 21st, 2010 byadmin

Aaron Putnam, KSP Vice President, was recently chosen to speak on a Pay Per Click Tactics Panel this June in Seattle, Washington. The topic for speaking is said to involve the discussion surrounding Google’s Search Partners Network and Targeting Partner Placements.

Los Angeles-April 21, 2010- Keyword Search Pros, Inc., a Los Angeles PPC Management Company, announced that Executive Vice-President Aaron Putnam was chosen yesterday to speak on a panel at the Seattle 2010 SMX Convention held June 8-9th. The discussion block entitled ‘Paid Search Track: Amazing PPC Tactics’ will be a dialog block for advanced paid search professionals looking to learn about new and cutting edge ideas surfacing in Sponsored Search Advertising. Sponsored advertising accounted for 95% of Google’s annual revenue intake last year.

Although Keyword Search Pros will not discuss the specifics of the talk at this time, it is saying that the discovery is monumental in the PPC world. “It’s gonna change the way people view search partners” says Putnam.

For years, Google advertisers have been paying for traffic on the Google Adwords platform in 3 basic advertising areas: Google Search which is actually on Google, Content Network where web property owners subscribe to have Google ads placed on their sites, and Search Partners where Adwords advertisers can find expose their ads on Google Partners like AOL and Historically, the partners network has been the most ambiguous area with regard to where, in foct, the ads actually show.

Putnam submission to SMX is said to be innovative in exploring the possibilities to illicit Search Partner placements. It remains to be seen how far advertisers will be able to go after June’s SMX but Keyword Search Pros, stays confident that is a giant step in the right direction.

Keyword Search Pros Helps Non-Profit WeSpark with Google Adwords Grants

Posted onDecember 10th, 2009 byadmin

Keyword Search Pros, a Los Angeles SEM management firm helps make PPC internet advertising a possibility for non-profit organization WeSpark Cancer Support Center. WeSpark is one of the many non-profits to receive a Google Grant for advertising online this year.

Sherman Oaks- December 9th, 2009- Today Keyword Search Pros, a Los Angeles PPC management company, spoke with a local non-profit WeSpark Cancer Support Center about its plans to use the newly approved Google Adwords Grant. Google, every year approves hundreds of paid search advertising grants to help non-profits with outreach efforts online.

Although it is undisclosed as to the amount of the Adwords grant, PPC management officials at Keywords Search Pros say that it would help WeSpark in any way to achieve its objectives. The 3 possible areas of outreach will be in canvassing for new guests, facilitators, and contribution money. WeSpark has had a long history of helping cancer patients and those who are affected by friends or family members with cancer. The organization is survived by founder Wendie Jo Sperber who started the organization in the 1990s.

WeSpark has never before had a PPC internet marketing effort. Most non-profits do not have the resources available to host search management efforts and click costs. Google Grant money along with PPC search marketing services contributed by Keyword Search Pros is said to be kicked off by January 1st 2010 pending the completion of the new Google Adwords campaigns.

Keyword Search Pros is said to have an existing relationship with WeSpark and has attended fundraising events earlier this year. Executive members of the company are also to attend the organizations holiday party later this week in hopes to help its guests enjoy a fun filled evening of food, gifts, and games.

There are many internet companies that provide financial support or services to various causes around the world. Keyword Search Pros is one of the many paid search management companies said to be putting in a little overtime this holiday season.

KSP Director, Peter Dulay commented to press, “We know there’s a much bigger picture going on than what we ‘re used to seeing every day. Anything Keyword Search can do to help WeSpark and other great causes, we will do it.”

Other non-profits as well as WeSpark are welcomed to contact Keyword Search Pros should they receive a Google Grant to discuss having a PPC management services provided at no cost. Keyword Search Pros has already made several toy contributions to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. People seeking to make acontribute this holiday to either cause may contact All proceeds to these organizations will be used directly to help its beneficiaries.

Google on the Move with PPC Managenent Test Betas: Keyword Search Pros to Help

Posted onOctober 26th, 2009 byadmin

Mountain View, CA –October 25th, 2009- It seems Google is on the move with some new Adwords features coming out and there is no sign of slowing at the Northern California Googleplex Campus in Mountain View. Here, Google engineers have been working on new Adwords interface betas which help make the experience for users quicker and easier. They will also provide more intuitive PPC management processes so Adwords advertising customers can more effectively gain access to vital campaign aspects they would not have been able to before.

Some of new features recently released by Google have included performance graphs, campaign tree visibility, in-line editing, and newer content management systems. These changes were implemented soon after the entire Adwords interface was transformed earlier this year.

Keyword Search Pros PPC Management Team in Mtn View

(left to right) Peter Dulay, Damon Wang, and Vicken Balian

Alongside Adwords Technicians, members from Keyword Search Pros, a Los Angeles PPC management firm, technical assistance team and director, Peter Dulay visited the campus last week to assist Google in testing some of Google’s newest beta functions. Due to non-disclosure agreements, KSP could not comment on the basis of their testing. However, one member said quote, “Adwords advertisers are in for a real treat soon.”

Last week, Google Adwords released new features in the Adwords API (Asynchronous calls, keyword and placement ideas, and location extensions preview) and Analytics updates (new engagement goals and analytics intelligence).

Google released a Search-based Keyword Tool (SbKT) last June that allows advertisers to search for highly effective keywords by extracting various pieces of relevant content from their websites. Then the tool prompts a list of recommended keyword suggestions based on that content. Because Google’s pricing structure is quality score based on landing page relevancy, using keywords from the list would more likely to produce higher quality scores and lower costs per click.

One of Google’s largest full-effort strategies surrounds and display segment of the content network and Adwords Display Ad Builder Program. Now with Display Ad Builder, available in Adwords, advertisers can create their own animated, video, and banner advertisements themselves and post them directly to the content network immediately.

Keyword Search Pros proactively offers display advertising services as a value added portion of their PPC advertising service. They also continue to work closely with Google in developing the total offering to advertisers looking for display channels in Google’s Network.

It is unclear at this point as to the full scope of what is to be expected from Google Adwords in 2010, but one thing is sure; change. Keyword Search Pros has been at the top of the list to aid advertisers in adjusting to the changes. It for certain that Google’s algorithm will continue to evolve in the foreseeable future.

Keyword Search Pros Undergoes 2009 PPC Management Makeover to Capture 2010 Market

Posted onOctober 12th, 2009 byadmin

Keyword Search Pros get a new 2009 makeover to cater to information hungry advertisers. New develops will continue into 2010.

Los Angeles, CA-October 11th, 2009-The Los Angeles PPC management company, Keyword Search Pros Inc., has just launched its new website as of this month after a 9 month effort to restructure the agency’s value proposition to advertisers. The new company structure positions KSP as more or less an authority and resource for advertisers of any size by offering free educational tools and tutorials free to the public.

Senior Operations Manager, Aaron Putnam says “It’s been a long effort this year to put this together but well worth it. Our new site is giving PPC managers what it takes to maximize the performance from an internal standpoint. We know we can help a lot in this field.” Putnam continued on to mention that KSP’s new marketing program was still in its infant stages and that it would take a long time to root itself into the internet advertising industry.

A compliment to Keyword Search Pro’s already well structured PPC advertising service, the new plan is already receiving a more than positive response from the online community.

Keyword Search Pros’ CEO and Director, Peter Dulay stated after a press conference last Tuesday that, “We figured that most advertisers try and do what we do but without any help or guidance. This program is set up to provide that exact help they need. And if they don’t have the time to do it themselves; heck, they can hire us to help.” He concluded, “We’ve got a good foundation with the website and all but there is still a long road ahead.”

The website: is set up not only as a company service reference but as a tool for all advertisers. In depth how-to tutorials coupled with insightful tips and advice is found in the Blog section of the site and more tools and links can be accessed from the Resources page. The same eBook, Guide To Better Understanding PPC is still a web favorite and is downloadable from most any page. Keyword Search Pros have also added several multi-media facets including Twitter and Facebook and suggest that their new Keyword Search Pros YouTube channel will be accessible by year’s end.

Some of KSPs SEM management core services include keyword research, ad testing, and bid management. KSP is strongly involved in display and banner advertising now and expects it will add video ads to its tool belt Q1 of 2010.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is one area of focus for KSP, however Dulay stated, “SEO is not as popular right now because advertisers are more concerned with investing into marketing that creates immediate returns.” Despite Dulay’s take on advertisers asking for SEO/SERM services, KSP is rapidly gaining high ranking on the search engines for some key search terms.

Keyword Search Pros – The name change

Posted onAugust 15th, 2008 byadmin

August 15th, Real Search Pros, Inc officially amended the corporate name to Keyword Search Pros. in order to provide better specificity when it comes to service type. Industry experts and SEO consultants say that change was long overdue since the Pay Per Click (PPC) market is more competitive, not only in competitive services but in similar named keyword software applications.

The directors at Keyword Search Pros have plans to develop the name into a branded icon in the next 3 years and also want to add in a web development segment to the company. So far this year, Keyword Search has broken its previous records in Google Adwords management spend and is growing at exponential rates. Directors at KSP declined to comment on the exact management dollar figures but did promise that in spite of the current growth rate, advertisers are receiving better service than ever.

“We had a vision that advertisers could actually receive value from a service like this.” says Peter Dulay, Senior Consultant and Director. “Most PPC Companies nowadays just want to take the money and run.”

It uncertain how big KSP will be by the end of 2009, but Dulay says they are looking additional commercial space in Santa Monica, one of the highest real estate appraised areas in California.

Editorial: Yahoo’s drama end in clear win – for Google

Posted onJune 18th, 2006 byadmin

Mercury New Editorial – June 18th, 2006- The 4 1/2-month drama over Yahoo has ended in momentous defeat for the Sunnyvale Web portal. Yahoo may have succeeded in fending off Microsoft, but it’s in danger of being further eclipsed by a younger, nimbler Google. After repeatedly spurning Microsoft, Yahoo last week struck a partnership that will make it dependent on Google in the key business of Internet search advertising. The deal gives Google, already the dominant player with more than 60 percent market share, even more power. That’s worrisome for competition and innovation in Internet services. The pact that unites the No. 1 and No. 2 players deserves serious scrutiny from antitrust regulators. The rebuff of Microsoft by CEO Jerry Yang and Yahoo’s board also will go down as one of the most blatant dismissals of shareholder interests in corporate history. Yahoo was worth $19 a share before Microsoft revealed its $31 a share offer, later raised to $33 a share, or $47.5 billion. Today, the stock is at $23. With angry investors like Carl Icahn agitating, leadership changes at Yahoo are still possible. Yahoo is a damaged company with a dicey future. It’s likely to remain a pawn as Google and Microsoft continue jostling for strategic advantage. Under the outsourcing deal, Yahoo will publish Google text ads alongside some Yahoo search results, generating up to $450 million a year, but ceding key ground to Google. The deal could make Google’s ad technology an even bigger draw for advertisers, further undermining Yahoo’s ad platform. That could push Yahoo further toward irrelevance and threaten its long-term viability. Microsoft’s unsuccessful pursuit of Yahoo exposed the software giant’s own weakness as a distant No. 3 in Web search and advertising. It showed a befuddling lack of commitment to getting the deal done. And Microsoft is left grasping for a bigger, better foothold in Internet services. Google emerges as the only winner. It’s poised to widen its lead over Microsoft, the aging one-time monopolist, and Yahoo, the first-generation Internet icon. In Silicon Valley, leadership in the market remains the province of those who continue to innovate.

It’s no surprise the Google is the most powerful brand ..

Posted onFebruary 12th, 2006 byadmin

It’s no surprise that Google is the world’s most powerful brand financially with an estimated value at $86 billion, but what about Google’s brand ranking in the hearts and minds of the consumers?

t’s no surprise that Google is the world’s most powerful brand financially with an estimated value at $86 billion, but what about Google’s brand ranking in the hearts and minds of the consumers?

Google’s top honors comes from the BrandZ study, an oddly named financial brand index from Millward Brown, a research company.

Google has earned top honors for the second year in a row. The first runner-up is General Electric being valued at $71.4 billion and the other top top includes Microsoft at third as well as Coca-Cola, China Mobile, Apple, IBM and Nokia.

Despite Google’s place as number one financially, many of the other top 10 brands the average individual can feel more “connected” to. When I think of Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Nokia and even Microsoft I can specifically recall how that brand has affected or had an important role in my life. Google on the other hand, doesn’t have the same feeling. Sure, I use Google’s services daily, but I don’t feel that kind of brand connection as I do with the other top brands.

I’m not about to break out my photo albums to link my life to these top brands, but it’s interesting how the variety of top brands can affect a life differently, regardless of their estimated financial values.

Congratulations on your top spot, Google, but you’ve more work to do before becoming a top brand in my heart and life.

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