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Adwords Search Queries Gone Wrong

Posted onNovember 1st, 2011 byadmin

The state of Adwords Advertiser Accounts have changed over the years where it was once very common to find an account without negative keywords and now it is rather uncommon. In time, advertisers have either become savvier to Adwords best practices or they have hired agencies to implement strategies.

But how far have they really evolved?

I can tell you for certain that the Google’s profit algorithm has evolved even further and is always 10 steps ahead of its advertisers. So my job is to make sure you guys are keeping up with the times. (more…)

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Use Match Settings and Increase Return

Posted onMay 23rd, 2010 byadmin

In order to use match settings and increase return simultaneously, you’ll have to understand a few things about match settings and search queries. One is that the level of impressions significantly decreases for phrase and exact match versions of keywords. And secondly, applying match settings to keywords should be done only with the intention of lowering “high” conversion costs or slowing the amount of clicks to conform to a limited daily budget.

When attempting to lower high conversion cost, it is important that you take all the preceding steps to lower conversion cost before applying match settings. Match setting will likely result in lower traffic and consequently lower sales volume. If you race ahead and apply match settings prematurely, you might forgo the opportunity to lower conversion cost without lowering traffic and sales.


Cut Wasted Spend with Search Query Reports

Posted onApril 23rd, 2010 byadmin

Keyword Search Pros can help you cut PPC costsCut More than 10% of wasted Google ad spend with Search Query Reports. Search Queries are keywords that visitors have typed into Google. Whenever someone clicks on your website, there is a record of what they typed into Google to do so.

One of the largest misconceptions that advertisers have is that they think people who click on their ad, always type in their “exact” keywords. This is really true only 5-10% of the time. Most of the time, they are searching some different, longer or shorter tail of the exact words. The point is that Google is trying to find relevant matches between what you offer and what people are searching for. The rub is that Google is a computer that doesn’t have the human-like capabilities to understand every single person’s searching intention and match it exactly with what you do. When looking for relevancy between your keywords and keyword searches, there lies irrelevant search queries.

So you grab this record of search queries called a Search Query Report. Once you have this report, you can go through it and look out for potential negative keywords that can be used to qualify for only the relevant search queries. How long would you spend sifting through wasteful keywords if you could save more than 10% of your monthly as spend? An hour? 2 hours? I’m gonna teach you how to do in less than 30 minutes a month.

I’ll tell ya- just about every time we have furnished an advertiser with this sort of analysis, the standard response has been, “I’m paying for that?” And the answer is -Yes.

We’ve written about this before and done a video but never really showed advertisers how easy this really is. Here it is.


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