KSP Referral Program

Including Up-Front Commissions and Monthly Residuals!

Sign up today for one of Keyword Search Pros’ Affiliate Programs and make AT LEAST $200.00 on every referred advertiser you send over!

Keyword Search Pros’ Affiliate Program isn’t like other affiliate offers where you make less than $50 per acquisition. Now you can earn a minimum of $200 on every new client that signs up for PPC or SEO service. This opportunity is perfect for you if you work with or plan to work with business advertisers. Some of our best affiliates have been web developers, PPC/SEO freelancers and agencies, CRM companies, affiliate marketers, networking professionals, clients, or just known KSP associates. Whichever you might be, the opportunity is equal and waiting for you. KSP loves to cut referral checks. We hope to mail you several next month. Payout time is within 7 days of signing!

Video Testimonial

The program is designed for you to act more like an agent and less like an affiliate because KSP will support you in providing all the answers to your new prospects. We utilize live webinar presentations and evaluate existing PPC accounts so that everything is transparent to your advertisers. They will learn exactly how ROI will be maximized in their account along with how they will lower their costs to advertise. In addition, they will know exactly where every marketing dollar goes and how each one can be spent in the most effective, worthwhile areas of an account.

Take a few minutes and download both Affiliate Brochure and the Terms & Conditions for the Affiliate Program. You will notice there are 2 basic programs, Agent and Corporate Affiliate.

Once you have completed the Brochure Application, you may fax it to (866) 803-0082 with attention to: KSP Affiliate Dept. We will respond within 24 hours.