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Enhanced Campaigns: Major Update by Google Adwords

Posted onFebruary 6th, 2013 byadmin

Today at exactly 12pm Pacific, Google officially announced its plan to roll out major changes to the Adwords campaign functionality. Calling the “upgrade” Enhanced Campaigns, Google has said this is the “first step to help you more simply and smartly manage” Adwords campaigns as it pertains to the different devices, locations, day scheduling, and conversions across these segments.

Previously, we made it a best practice to segment campaigns based on different devices and locations. Now with Enhanced Campaigns, Google is going to force all devices and locations for keywords to be managed in 1 campaign, making for less overall campaigns.

For advertisers who don’t have mobile-optimized websites or ads, this is definitely the wakeup call they have been in need of. Search has been completely turned upside down with the growth in mobile device browsing. It is expected that by 2016, 75% of all internet searches will be on a mobile device and much of these searches will be with local intent. Google is anticipating this growth and making these changes to push advertisers to evolve with the times. (more…)

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KSP Goes to Mountain View!

Posted onJanuary 21st, 2013 byadmin

Last week, Google invited our President, Peter Dulay and our VP, Aaron Putnam up to the Google campus in Mountain View, CA for a one day special event put on by the Google Engage for Agencies team. The vent hosted by Shaunna Randolph, was a 2 Part lecture on “How To Build Better Relationships With New Clients.” Peter and Aaron stay very hands-on in their own respective roles with prospects and clients and are always looking to take this a step further.
Speaking in the new Partnerplex Building #40 at Google was G.A. Bartick, author of Silver Bullet Selling and former Apple Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki who was lecturing on his new book Enchantment. The core takeaways from the day were 1) That in order to stand out in this new day and age, we need to understand needs better and offer benefit solutions in today’s challenges rather than feature points of what we or have done and 2) Go Big on everything we do for our clients. (more…)

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Google Product Listing Ads & Extensions

Posted onOctober 29th, 2012 byadmin

Google Product Extensions and Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are an important part of any E-Commerce search marketing strategy. Listing Ads and Product Extensions are a great method for distinguishing your ad campaign from the competition, while offering a simple and more engaging user experience. Product Extensions allow for your paid search ad to appear with an image and exact price of your product, allowing users to review your products and pricing before reaching your site. Clicks on Google Product Listing Ads accounted for 11% of all Google clicks and average cost-per-click was 18% below standard text ads in Q1 2012. By increasing visibility on the search results page, Product Extensions and Listing Ads result in higher click-through-rates and conversion rates than on standard text ads, helping to generate highly qualified traffic and save you time and money.

What’s the difference between Product Extensions and Product Listing Ads? (more…)

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The Google Penguin Update

Posted onJune 1st, 2012 byadmin

Google Penguin's is here to stop web spam

It’s been a few weeks since Google launched its Penguin update and we’re getting quite a few site review requests from our advertisers. The newest Google update was launched on April 24, 2012 with a data refresh on May 25th.  The purpose of the updates was to combat “Web Spam” in search results and Google indicates that the new update will affect approximately 3.1% of the queries compared to the earlier Panda update at 12%

The original Penguin update, and it’s newest 1.1 refresh, has sent a strong message that not knowing SEO basics is going to be dangerous in the future. You have to have the basics down or you could be at risk. Penguin is a signal from Google that these updates are going to continue at a rapid pace and they don’t care what color your hat is. It’s all about relevance.

You need to take a look at every seemingly viable “SEO strategy” with this lens. What you don’t know can hurt you.  The reality is that the march towards relevance is coming faster than ever before and Google doesn’t care what used to work.  They are determined to provide relevance and that means big changes are the new normal.

What does the Penguin update combat? (more…)

Why Your Google Rankings Changed

Posted onApril 30th, 2012 byadmin

GooglePossible reasons why your website search ranking changed in the last 90 days

We’ve been getting calls from advertisers (non-clients) in the past 60 days asking why their website rankings have changed. I shouldn’t have to tell you that we don’t receive these calls when advertisers’ rankings are doing well. So why the big change?


The big talk of the town is PANDA. For those of you not in the know, Google’s Panda update is the latest change in search engine algorithm launched early last year. Google has committed to releasing new versions of Panda every 30 to 60 days which we expect to see continue until late 2013.

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