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Festivus Here “THIS WED” at Keyword Search Pros

Posted onDecember 16th, 2013 byadmin

Every year, a good friend and past KSP employee, Patrick Horne, put on an event where we pack lunch bags full of food and they go distribute them on the streets of LA (in various parts) to people who might need a clean meal. Last year they hand-packed over 600 lunch bags. More Pictures Can be Found Here on Our FB Site:

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Google Enhanced Campaigns is a Flop.

Posted onJuly 26th, 2013 byadmin

doomAlmost a doomsday of sorts, July 22nd was supposed to be the endgame for advertisers perpetrating around without having upgraded their Legacy campaigns to Enhanced. Google has been warning advertisers since late February that an automatic upgrade would happen for all Adwords campaigns sometime in June. As suspected, the official date (July 22) was released at this year’s Ad-Tech in San Francisco. Google stated last Monday (Doomsday) that 6 million Legacy campaigns had already been upgraded to Enhanced, accounting for nearly 75% of all active campaigns.

So as the remaining 25% or 2 million active campaigns did not actually convert on Monday; what the heck did happen? …(cue crickets)…. (more…)

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Enhanced Campaigns: Major Update by Google Adwords

Posted onFebruary 6th, 2013 byadmin

Today at exactly 12pm Pacific, Google officially announced its plan to roll out major changes to the Adwords campaign functionality. Calling the “upgrade” Enhanced Campaigns, Google has said this is the “first step to help you more simply and smartly manage” Adwords campaigns as it pertains to the different devices, locations, day scheduling, and conversions across these segments.

Previously, we made it a best practice to segment campaigns based on different devices and locations. Now with Enhanced Campaigns, Google is going to force all devices and locations for keywords to be managed in 1 campaign, making for less overall campaigns.

For advertisers who don’t have mobile-optimized websites or ads, this is definitely the wakeup call they have been in need of. Search has been completely turned upside down with the growth in mobile device browsing. It is expected that by 2016, 75% of all internet searches will be on a mobile device and much of these searches will be with local intent. Google is anticipating this growth and making these changes to push advertisers to evolve with the times. (more…)

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Introducing “You Choose” PPC Pricing!

Posted onJanuary 2nd, 2013 byadmin

Happy New Year!!! We have been busy the last quarter of 2012 planning and developing the new inner-workings behind our Paid Search Management Services. To start, we want to talk about a new alternative pricing program which is being offered for the very first time in the SEM industry. We are proud to officially introduce:

“You Choose” PPC Management Pricing!

“You Choose” Pricing allows advertisers to choose how much they pay as a management fee based on the frequency of work completed on their account. We have broken down our service curriculum into “cycles” or blocks of various execution points within the account, allowing KSP clients to “choose” how many cycles they want technicians to perform each billing cycle. We have given clients back the control to choose “how fast” they see results.

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A Salute to Small Business Saturday

Posted onDecember 10th, 2012 byadmin

For those of you who have never heard of Small Business Saturday, it is a special shopping day created by AMEX on the Saturday after Black Friday/Thanksgiving  to support small business sales too. Here at KSP, we salute small business as most of our clients are small retailers and wholesale product or service providers.  Any reason to spend more with the underdog small businesses is definitely looked highly upon even if the shopping day was deigned to help AMEX drive additional sales after the blow out with major retailers the day before.

This year, Small Business Saturday fell on Nov 24th. We decided to see if anybody actually paid attention to the 3rd ever shopping day and we were quite astonished at what we found. We had our staff of ppc management and search analysts segment out the online retailer clients from all the other wholesale and B2B businesses and do a year over year comparison. (more…)

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The Future of Paid Search and Beyond

Posted onJuly 19th, 2012 byadmin

We recently had this infographic provided to us from Social Grattitude. We don’t know if it’s really about the future of paid search but it’s still really cool.

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The Googfather Takes IRCE by Storm

Posted onJune 13th, 2012 byadmin

Last week, four Keyword Search Pros touched down in Chicago headed for the IRCE (Internet Retail Conference & Exhibition) with the mission of showing attendees how dangerous this Googfather guy really is. Although there was not much boot trembling going on, there was extended talk about Google’s new black and white furry friends. (more…)

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What Happens When You Remove Paid Search Efforts

Posted onMay 17th, 2012 byadmin

Paid Search is an important piece of your markeing mix Even if your website ranks #1 organically, paid search is an important part of your marketing plan.

Last year Google released the Search Ads Pause research study that looked at the correlation between paid and organic search results. Google concluded that if you were to remove your paid ads you would see an 89% drop in clicks. Scrutinizers immediately started asking questions. What happens if your brand is the top organic result for the keyword? Surely the results would be different than if your organic result was on the second page.

Our sales team here at Keyword Search Pros has been telling advertisers for years that they can’t pull their paid ads when they get higher organic rankings. In the quest to save some cash, companies come up with this strategy and feel it’s a revelation. Finally there is a study to go along with the argument. (more…)

End of Year Offer: Free Month of PPC or SEO Mgmt

Posted onDecember 6th, 2011 byadmin

December Delerium
Keyword Search Pros is offering 10 spots (this week only) to take advantage of a FIRST MONTH FREE Pay Per Click or SEO Management Service. No Company has offered this before and we’re doing it because we want to see you come on board before January 1, 2012 when we increase ALL of our service prices! Not only will you will NOT PAY your first month management but we are ALSO GOING TO WAIVE YOUR SETUP FEES!!!

This offer ends Friday, December 9th 2011 and may never be offered again. This offer requires a 6 month termed agreement.



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