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PPC Software | Software as a Service (SaaS)

Keyword Search Pros offers state-of-the-art PPC software as a service (SaaS). We can manage your PPC accounts in a single 3-engine platform and offer more reach and analytical depth than ever before. Previously, advertisers have been forced to manage PPC engines separately and manually. Now KSP takes the resource heavy process away by using the most robust PPC software platform intelligence available!

KSP’s PPC Management Software Performs 5 Key Duties:

Adviser- Prioritizes and highlights the most critical and important areas in your accounts so we can pay closer attention to detail and execute timely changes. Custom rules-based alerts help flag areas requiring immediate attention.

Keyword Zoom- A 360° focus on keywords as they relate to ad groups and ads. Dispositions search queries to only the correct and intended ad groups. Also allows for inline edits on ad text and negative keywords.

Segments-Helps us chop up your accounts into the views we need to see them in. Allows custom segmentation and filtering so we see only the data we need.

Analyst- Custom reporting designed to give advertisers and managers the bottom line detail they want to see. Completed with proprietary tracking mechanisms, Analyst is sure to have you looking at the right data.

Manager- Allows for managers to use bulk edit features, copy between search engines, and set up rules-based bid management. Using Manager multiplies the effort of one technician to several so we can spend more time cutting wasteful costs and increasing return!

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The Key to PPC Software Effectiveness

By far, the largest reason advertisers request the use of software is so they may leverage the power of technology to drive home more profits in less time. However, KSP understands that the manager must drive the software. Having the most robust software in the world in quite a treat but useless without the skills and experience of the technicians who manage it.

Keyword Search Pros are PPC technicians before software technicians. We still know it is the knowledge of your business, products, services, and customers that make the difference in your account.Before KSP begins any PPC software integration, we take time to learn about you and your business so we can make informed decisions later. There is no question you will know your business best. And we definitely know pay per click. That’s why we must work together to achieve the greatest results.

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