Social Media Management

Social Media Management (beta)

Keyword Search Pros is in beta for Social Media Management. Our profound experience with Social Media and ability to leverage search optimization practices allows us to help advertisers engage easier and in more meaningful ways.

Simply fill out the form on the right, and allow us to give you a free Social Media evaluation and see if your company is a good fit for Social Media Marketing prior to making any decision about working with us.

This service is coming soon. Please inquire about our Social Media Management Beta Program by calling (888)816-0726 or by clicking the link below!

What is Social Media Management?

1. Syndicating Your Message
SYNDICATEEvery brand or company should have a big picture message it wishes to convey to its customers, prospects, and community. This big picture message sets the tone for what type of content and posts you’ll push out. More importantly, this is how your company will be perceived by other and how they will decide if they relate to you. When your message is rich and genuine, people will welcome its value and follow you and your growth. Relating to your fans and followers is how your breed loyalty and award yourself future sales from them.

2. Engaging with your Community
ENGAGEEngaging with your community through social media is the best way gain attention and interest in your brand and company. This is different than your message in that it doesn’t have to follow a specific theme. It’s truly the most human part of the process. After all, wouldn’t we rather socialize with a human than a message?

By finding where your target audience hangs out, we find opportunities to engage and either present them to you or do it for you. Often, it is best you engage directly if its on a very specific subject pertaining to what you do. But often engaging can come in the form of questions which doesn’t take much experience of industry knowledge. Asking questions is a great way to get people talking about your product/service solutions and your brand.

3. Monitoring Your Brand & Keywords
MONITORThe monitoring part of Social Media Marketing is where your listen for people talking about your keywords or brand. When your find individuals already discussing these items, you automatically have an in with them and can strike a dialog. This is a great opportunity to offer assistance with a problem or even sell your products. Monitoring can also help with reputation management by letting you remedy negative sentiments about your business. Knowing who and when people are talking about your brand and keywords will open more doors for you and more opportunity to build loyalty by winning hearts and minds on the spot.

4. Re-Purposing Content (Sharing)
SHAREOf course sharing your message with the online community is important. However, if people keep hearing the same message over and over, they might get a little annoyed. Thank heaven for OPC (Other People’s Content)! OPC is simply stuff you find on the internet that you find so interesting that you re-purpose it through your own channels. OPC lets you keep syndicating without being repetitive and without having to think of new stuff every minute. And since, you would only re-purpose content that you approve, your followers and fans get to see which kind of topics you like and promote. There is a human connection in simply knowing ones likes and dislikes. The best part is that sharing is expected just like when you hope people share your stuff too.

Below are some places we might look to either post our own content or re-purpose other:

      • Blog Posts and Articles
      • Info Graphics
      • Facebook Page & Fan Posts
      • Tweets
      • Google+ Posts
      • Press Releases
      • Social Bookmarks
      • Whitepapers & eBooks
      • LinkedIn Posts
      • Pinterests